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Birthdate:Feb 16
Location:Cordova, Alabama, United States of America
I am a high-ranking procrastinator. I have pre-existing poems and tidbits of fiction written on other websites. Will I ever overcome horrible laziness and post them here? Only time will tell! I have way too many interests music, T.V., and movie-wise to really remember them all and list them on any one website. I consider myself goth, any sexuality/gender identity, and people who detest labels friendly(and probably other types of people I don't even know exist yet).
I can't stand people who are Skeptic extremists and will not accept anything they don't want to no matter what evidence you give them, but claim that they will.

I am continually disturbed by homonym abuse on any and all websites where people claim to have adequate grammar. I come from a large family, and live in a house with ridiculously thin walls. The thought of sound-proof walls sends me into fits of giddy joy, and then a sort of longing depression. I read all of the Twilight books before the movies came out, and hate the movies with a burning passion. I like shojo manga and anime. Every time I go to watch T.V. alone it ends up on something that is either disturbing or crime-related, even though I am a person who likes bunnies and the color pink.

The name IttyBittyDice comes from when I was using a Gir voice and commenting on my friend's earrings she wore a lot(which were, coincidentally, itty bitty dice) I often wonder what random people online got from this name, but always forget to ask.

I like Homestuck, and my favorite pairing in the fandom is Dave<3<Karkat. I wear black and fuschia a lot. I enjoy reading fanfiction for Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, but have never actually read any of the comic itself. I don't care what anyone says, to me, tomatoes are a vegetable.
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